MIMproject is a freeform creative association, uniting artists interested in touchpoints between technology, theatre, applied art, sound art and new media. Our workshop-based flash projects alternate with audiovisual installations and theatrical performances. Some of our works are listed below.

Ongoing: MIMstuudio

MIMstuudio is MIMproject's open studio that hosts irregularly different experimental music events and performative acts. Unique full-size speaker wall has served well many international and local artists as well as some concept parties. MIMstuudio is non-commercial space that functions using enthusiasm from members of MIMproject and curiosity from audience.

all news: https://www.facebook.com/mimstuudio

address: Kaarli pst 9-19, Tallinn, Estonia


2018: Opera by Manfred MIM: "Estonian History. A Nation Born of Shock", in collaboration with Estonian National Opera and Kanuti Gildi SAAL

2013: Survey exhibition "100 Years of the MIMproject: The Life and Work of Manfred MIM, 1920-2020" at the Tallinn Art Hall

What if a crazy homebrew genius who lacks any previous contact with art institution is brought from obscurity into the prestigious highstreet art space? During the whole century Manfred MIM - a scientist and inventor unknown to the general public - has created a great deal of fine works but unfortunately most of his works have been destroyed or have never been executed.  

Now the works of Manfred MIM have finally become visible and tangible to art lovers. MIMproject, as an extension of Manfred MIM, has restored many ideas that would otherwise been left in a garage to rust and finally have brought Manfred's legacy into proper spotlight.

2012-2013: Treshing Mongrels

At Tallinn Music Week 2013 MIMproject held a participatory physical performance "Threshing Mongrels", a project linking the centuries-old muscle memory of threshing to the modern day activity of nightclub dancin' and prancin'.

2009-2011: MIM goes sustainable

"MIM goes sustainable" was a reseach project to provide alternative to traditional thinking how theaters physically operate. We claimed that low-tech DIY attitude and sustainable practices - recycling, energy harvesting etc - do not automatically imply substandard production. Our staged theatrical performances in urban spaces in Tallinn, Estonia and Turu, Finland brought the usage of fossil fuels and other resources to absolute minimum. To provide an educational aspect, we engaged the audience to be physically part of the energy-creation cycle for the performance.

2010: Self-sustainable party container

Self sufficient party container was an interactive urban installation that didn't consume outside energy.  All electricity needed to power Mechanical Turk style mechanical orchestra and light show was generated on site with generator bikes. The performance was held at 2010 in Tallinn, Estonia; Rakvere, Estonia; Helsinki, Finland and St Petersburg, Russia.

2008: MIM in ZKM

A workshop that took place in Karlsruhe, Germany in March 2008, supported by Goethe Foundation. This time MIMproject occupied an enormous warfare-factory-cum-modern-media-complex ZKM. Teamed up wth three too smart German audio artists, we staged zee new media show.

2005-2006: MIM in Kanut

The initial two workshops in Tallinn's Kanuti Gildi SAAL that started it all. They provided a good formula for MIM future projects: to work a week on installations / performance, culminating with final showing and Q+A with the audience. The workshops were mostly focused on interactions between video, light and live dance performance.

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